Event Photography

Event Photography

Geelong & Melbourne Event Photography Services

Geelong & Melbourne Event Photography Services

With our diverse range of creatives working on our event photography team we provide our clients with the right photographer for the job, every time. 

Every event is different, and that’s why we have a diverse range of event photographers to back our premier event photography service in Geelong and Melbourne. We now also offer manned photo booths for corporate functions and events like graduations and product releases.

We have a seasoned event photography team with experience in indoor and outdoor events of all scales. From festivals and nightlife venues to weddings, corporate functions and milestone birthdays, we have captured it all.

Share Your Event Memories With Your Guests Into The Future

Share Your Event Memories With Your Guests Into The Future

And when the event is over, our professional post production team get stuck into editing your images to an excellent standard, in high resolution for any context. Our speedy delivery times ensure your guests are able to share their memories with their friends and family in a timely manner. 

Some of the events our team gets booked for include:

  • Weddings
  • Engagements & Anniversaries
  • Milestone Birthdays
  • Nightlife Events and Club Nights
  • Festivals & Day Parties
  • Corporate Functions

Wedding Photography

There is nothing more special than capturing that first glance as he or she makes their way down the aisle. Weddings can be stressful, but there’s no need to add extra stress when selecting a wedding photographer. This process should come naturally, just like the day you meet your forever partner.

Our wedding photographers are equipped and skilled to work in all kinds of weather and venue conditions, so you can have peace of mind that every moment is captured perfectly. At the end of your special day, our wedding photographers get stuck into editing a highlight album ready for you to view in the morning after and share with your friends and family

Engagement Photography

The knot has been tied, its time to make it official – you’re on your way to getting married! But before all that crazy wedding planning starts, there’s one more special event to celebrate. Engagement Party Photography is the perfect opportunity to share this special venture with all those that mean the world to you. The perfect excuse to book our Engagement Party photography service.

Birthday Photography

Milestone birthdays are iconic moments within your lifetime that are definitely worth capturing. Whether you’re about to turn 18 or 81, we can make your special event memorable for years to come.

Nightlife Photography

Fundamental Events currently captures all of Geelong’s nightclub venues on a weekly basis. Nightlife Photography is one of the hardest scenes to capture right, as they always have unpredictable conditions. Our event photography team is trained to make any venue look busy, fun and full of energy. Capturing vibe and ambience is what nightlife is all about, no matter how big or small your venue may be, capturing the essence is imperative for growth and relevance.

Festival Photography

Our approach to festival photography is thoroughly thought out, as we know that putting on a show such as yours has required a lot of lovin’ and dedication. We take on a strategic approach to our festival photography to ensure no moments are missed!

We capture the essence of the festival with a range of wide-angle and close up imagery, showcasing the atmosphere and of course the overall vibe. We plan ahead and organise multiple photographers or videographers when required to ensure we’ve captured every moment of love, laughter, passion and excitement.

Corporate Event Photography

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